Skate Coaching

Trinity Skate Parks encourages the implementation of skate development programs to promote a fun and healthy activation option for your new skate facility. Trinity can assist your local community, council or organisation to develop and implement their own skate-coaching program.

The Program provides:

  • Free ‘learn to skate’ Lessons
  • Demonstrations from our skateboard team
  • Equipment and prizes for participants
Community Activation Skate Coaching Trinity Skateparks
Skate Demo Community Activation Trinity Skateparks Community Engagement

Skate Demonstrations

You have a new skatepark or pump track and are looking for someone to introduce your community to their newest fun feature? We can assist you in coordinating a range of skate demonstrations within your skate facility. Depending on your specific park and community, you can host demonstrations with amateur, sponsored or professional skateboarders.

We can bring the talent to the table that will demonstrate the real potential of your skate park, set a level for your local shredders to aim for and give the opportunity to mingle with experienced skateboarders alike. Giving the youth and not so youth an opportunity to meet their heroes.

Local Education Department Liaison

Skateboarding isn’t a fad, it’s a recognised sport. Emerging skate competitions in America are attracting thousands of viewers per event and millions of dollars in prize money per annual tour. The status of a “skateboarder” is changing from “sub-cultural participant” to “professional athlete”. Trinity Skate Parks is investing into the future of Australian athletes by partnering with the education departments to develop and deliver accredited skate development programs. We want to see more Australian kids, teenagers, men and women empowered to chase their professional skateboarding dreams.

“The Future of Australian Sport,” a consultancy report by CSIRO for the Australian Sports Commission April 2013, “identifies six megatrends likely to shape the Australian sports sector over the next 30 years.” One of the six identified megatrends is “from extreme to mainstream”:

This megatrend captures the rise of lifestyle, adventure and alternative sports which are particularly popular with younger generations. These sports typically involve complex, advanced skills and have some element of inherent danger and/or thrill-seeking. They area also characterised by a strong lifestyle element and participants often obtain cultural self-identity and self-expression through these sports. These sports are likely to attract participants through generational change and greater awareness via online content (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter). There is strong viewer demand for extreme sports videos on the internet and television. These sports are also finding their way into the Olympic Games; with a recent addition being BMX cycling, introduced at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. International associations for skateboarding and rock climbing are making substantial efforts to have these included as Olympic sports in the future

Read the full CSIRO report here.

Trinity Skateparks Industry Liason Skate Distribution

Sports Industry Liaison

Trinity Skate Parks benefits from its strong tie to one of Australia’s leading extreme sporting goods distributors – Trinity Distribution. With a direct connection to 1200+ extreme sporting retail stores nationwide, it’s mostly likely we are already connected with your leading local skate industry representative and major stake holders for your proposed skate facility.

Project Awareness Assistance

We understand that the majority of the user group for your new skate facility is engaged with social media. Trinity Skate Parks knows where to find and how to connect with those potential users. Our in-house design team is available to assist with creating culturally relevant project flyers and social media artwork.