Bike Parks

Bike Parks can include beginner to expert level features. They come with a variety of different air and flow oriented bike ramps to teach rhythm, flow, and air skills. These features can be designed into a downhill track, a freeride trail,  a BMX park, or you can have a custom designed jump park with as many features as you want.

Below are a few of our favourite bike park elements. Some of them, like the kicker ramp, also come in several sizes to accommodate riders with different skill levels.

Here are some stories about our bike park ramps. The Curved Wall Ride is professionally engineered for maximum wind and weight loads, and at the same time designed for ease of installation at a custom angle. A 30 foot long curved wall ride, when professionally installed can be set up in as little as 1 day.

Our Jump Box allows beginners to learn how to correctly hit a kicker ramp, and the higher level riders will clear the top section and land on the opposite side. The Whale Tail is made to be a more challenging feature as you have to hit a kicker ramp land on the Whale Tail and then pop out of it into either a dirt or wood lander. We can make this feature a little less intimidating by connecting the kicker and Whale Tail with a table top piece. Gap or no gap, that is the question.