Concrete Skate Parks

If you are looking for a medium to large size skate facility which is fun for different age groups, state-of-the art and low-maintenance, you are talking to the right people. Our concrete skate park construction experience combined with a network of industry specialists allows us to provide you with a reliable and high-quality service experience and final facility.

Furthermore, if you are operating with a small budget or space, we can also provide you with a modular skate park setup. And if you have wondered about how exactly the process of taking a skate park from an idea to a well-loved community hub looks like, have a look at our Service Process page.


  • Classic Concrete
  • Optional Precast Advantage
  • Solid Concrete Riding Surface

Here are some concrete skate park designs to give you an impression of how versatile concrete parks really are. No matter if your user group favours bowl or street skating, there is an infinite amount of ways to tailor your concrete skate park to your community’s needs and desires.