Modular Systems

We are the only skate park construction company in Australia offering both concrete skate parks and high-quality modular systems. Modular skate park setups lend themselves to small budgets and/or small spaces as well as to situations where a significant change in user demands can be expected within a few years.

In contrast to other modular skate ramps, our systems come with a thick 3/16″ laser cut all-steel framework and steel enclosures. These features serve for fire protection (more than one ramp with a wooden substructure has been tampered with by teenagers) and they prevent the accumulation of litter. And the outside screws and bolts use a rare pin-hex head to ensure that they are only removed when you decide.

Pro Series

The Pro Series is an all-steel modular system with a riding surface made from galvanized steel which then is coated with a layer of MaxGrip™ paint. It is extremely resilient, nearly maintenance free and sure to retain its place as the most popular modular system for years to come.

X Series

The X-Series features a triple-layer system with an interchangeable riding surface. The acoustical underlayment allows you to choose from several surface styles while providing a quieter skate experience. Also, our bolt-through design and stainless steel fasteners allows the surface to be replaced or changed with minimal effort. If you are looking for a Skatelite Pro™, stainless steel, or Ramp Armor® riding surface with a steel framework and low maintenance, the X-Series is your ramp.