1. Site Analysis

After establishing a rough budget, the first step in any skate park construction process is the analysis of available sites. The analysis serves two answer two distinct questions: “Are your potential sites viable for the provision of your desired skate facility?” and “Which skate park concepts are most suitable for your site considering space and shape?”

Depending on your preference, you can provide us with the necessary information or we can visit your potential sites in person as well. After reviewing your proposed project sites, we will report on your most viable skate facility site option.

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2. Community Consultation

We understand that it can be difficult to get all parties together to discuss and create direction for your community’s proposed skate or bike facility.

Therefore, we offer a range of community consultation workshops aimed to identify your wider community’s true needs and wants for their sports facility. We are great at asking the right questions and understanding your sports community’s answers – to make sure that what you build is what they want.

3. Design Development

In the third step, we will create your skate park design based on your budget as well as the outcomes of the site analysis and the community consultation. This foundation will give you the necessary clarity to make the best decisions for your community with your available resources. Of course you will be strongly involved in the design development process and you will have the final say in any aspect of the final concept.

At this stage you will receive your skate park design, a clear cost quote, a time estimate as well as all necessary specifications. Once step three is completed, you will be ready to order your skate park. And in case you wondered – we provide this service for both indoor and outdoor skate and bike park facilities.

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4. Skate Park Construction

Once you get to the stage of ordering your skate park we will discuss the last details of the construction with you and guide you through the ordering process. From then on you can watch your new project literally take form as the concrete is being shaped into a fun and tailor-made sports facility. After completion of the concrete works and colouring we will apply a seal coating to the park’s surface for protection.

If you already have an existing concrete surface, we can also provide you with a variety of pre-cast concrete elements which can be placed on top. And if you are looking for a small skate park for a small budget, we can install a modular setup for you as well.

5. Community Activation

Now the time has come for your community to get to know their new facility. We can arrange skate demonstrations for you and assist your local community, council or organisation to develop and implement your own skate-coaching program.

Thanks to our well established partners in the skate industry, we are also able to provide you with sponsored community engagement events such as skate competitions and assist you with all aspects of social media coverage. Lastly, we are experienced in collaborating with educational providers as well – creating safe and motivating sports environments which integrate with schools and effectively support classroom learning.

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6. Park Maintenance

After the construction and activation of your skate park we can manage the park’s maintenance for you. For all your previously existing facilities we offer a service to analyse your existing skate parks and identify revitalisation works to be undertaken and maintenance programs to ensure your parks keep up to standard. Maintenance works can include

  • Coping Replacement
  • Concrete Crack Remedy
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Resurfacing
  • Maintenance Schedule Development