Concrete Skatepark Build Install Design Trinity Skateparks Australia

Building Concrete Skate Parks is our core business. We provide the entire experience from A-Z, from the initial community consultation over the high-quality build all the way to executing skate park activation programs. In addition to full in-ground concrete installations, we also offer a set of pre-cast concrete elements.

Being the only Australian provider of both concrete and modular skate parks, we can deliver projects for smaller budgets as well.

Pump Track Australia Build Install Trinity Skateparks

They are the hottest trend in public sports and recreation facilities at the moment. A pump track is progressive  structure which uses an up and down ‘pumping’ motion to propel a bicycle or skateboard forward without pedaling or pushing. They are simple to install, simple to use for all age groups, and super fun!

Bike Ramps Build Install Trinity Skateparks Australia

In addition to our skate facilities we also provide services which cater towards two-wheeled sports lovers. Whether you want to integrate bike ramps into a current skate setup, add simple balance training bike elements to a playground or build an adrenalin-rushing downhill mountain bike track – we will gladly develop and build a bike ramp parcour for you which fits your particular needs.